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The Outcomes

Changing our relationship towards objects in our personal or professional environment generates multiple effects. Some of them are rational, others are emotional, some of them immediately visible, others observed in the long run, but all of them can be positives!

Facing the overabundance of stress, information and material possessions, adopting Interior Ecology® is about improving our personal or professional life: more time, space, efficiency, well-being, peacefulness, control, lightness, and many paths leading to simplification, freedom, a feeling of balance…

L’ARRANGEUSE allows everyone to commit to fair consumption, both in line with their real needs and concerned with a better use of resources. In this perspective, L’ARRANGEUSE has forged close partnerships with companies engaged in circular economy and the preservation of resources.

The mission of L'ARRANGEUSE stands for inspiring sufficiency and desirable sustainable.

« Très bon souvenir de cette conférence organisée à distance (étant donné le contexte sanitaire) avec L'ARRANGEUSE. La présentation était très qualitative tant sur le fond que sur la forme et le sujet à été très apprécié par les intervenants.» 


Laura L.D. Paris. Initiation for her closet.


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